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Hello there.

Hi, I’m Sydney. I run this sexy little blog you stumbled upon.

The Summer Set is my favorite band for many reasons, and I think we have to acknowledge how abnormally attractive they all are.

My favorite member is Josh, my favorite song (if I had to pick just one) is Walls.

I’ve only seen TSS once, on the EFSS tour, but it was easily the best night of my life. I met all of them, considering I had M&G and they were all so nice. 

Unforunatley, pictures with the band were not allowed in M&G, but I managed to meet Jess and Brian afterwards and get a picture(:

Since this is a TSS blog, I won’t bore you with facts about myself as a person. But feel free to check out my main blog and possibly get to know me there. Or here. Whichever. I love meeting new crowbars!

Well, that’s all.

Stay sexy world.